Johannes Dietzel

Hey there,


I’m Johannes, a German marketer & entrepreneur who has made sunny San Diego his home! I am here to help you grow your brand internationally. Online, and offline.

Currently, I lead the Marketing & Growth team at Protectli.

Through a career in both Germany and the US, I have been helped grow different companies in foreign marketplaces. I have found that I am at my best when I can combine my own background and skillset as an expat with helping others succeed. The handbooks you will soon find on my site here are a part of this and I hope they inspire others to take the leap also.

After studying abroad in San Diego in 2006, I knew I found my home. Living abroad is often rewarding and challenging at the same time, but I wouldn’t want to change any of it as it got me to where I am now. Over the years, I have made incredible experiences that otherwise would not have been possible:

  • Working for the international team at a large sports technology firm in San Diego. We helped people get more active around the globe, promoting events like Ironman or The Color Run.
  • Starting our own tech company, raising $1+ million in startup funding, and running it for 4.5 years.
  • Joining the team at Protectli and helping to grow the company internationally, 3x our revenues in 2.5 years.

I have also worked with several clients on all parts of the product lifecycle to sell products on Amazon marketplaces around the world.

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Want to chat about marketing, moving abroad, or growing your own product internationally? I am always down to chat.